Monroe Smart Start Plan

Monroe Elementary Smart Start Plan 2020-2021

Monroe Elementary School's number one goal is to try to keep students and staff safe while maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning at a high level. This plan seeks to protect the health and safety of our staff, faculty, students, and parents of the school where we teach, learn, and work.


Parents or any guest entering the building to check students in or out will need to wear a face covering. Our goal is for students to have opportunities throughout the day where face coverings will not be required; however, anytime that social distancing is not possible, face coverings will be expected to be worn.

This plan is designed to be adaptable and will change with the environment and with recommendations and guidance from local and state health officials along with the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE). Parents should stay informed by signing up for: Infinite Campus Messenger and Notifications, our district website, Facebook page, via email, or through local media platforms such as, Wyo4News, SweetwaterNow, Green River Star, Rock Springs Rocket Miner, and the Radio Network.



Designated Entrance and Exits

Entrances and exits for both staff and students have been designated throughout the building. To assist with the flow of traffic, signage has been placed on doors that are multidirectional (in or out using the same door).


If parents or visitors have a need to come into the building, for reasons other than checking students in and out of school, we ask that they make appointments with the office prior to coming to the school building. While inconvenient, our intent is to limit the amount of visitors in and out of the building during the school day.



As students arrive at school, they will be directed to three separate areas:

  • Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade will be directed to the top playground
  • Grades 3 through 5 will be on the bottom playground
  • Students wanting or needing to eat breakfast will be directed to the cafeteria.


Before School Recess

Other than, those students eating breakfast or those who may have an appointment with their teacher, students are to remain outside from 8:25 am to 8:40 am.

Lining Up to Enter the Building from the Playground

Students will enter the building at three separate entrance points.

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade will line up near the STEM room and enter in the first door that is near the lunchroom.
  • Second and third grade students will line up near the middle doors on the bottom playground. 
  • Fourth and Fifth grade students will line up on the far south east corner of the playground and enter in the building on the east doors by their corresponding pods.

Students will be asked to wear their face coverings before they enter the building, class by class. This will be the same any time they exit the building throughout the day for recess time. 

Morning Breakfast

Breakfast will be served every day from 8:10-8:25. While in the cafeteria, students are to social distance as much as possible. If we have more students than this needing breakfast we will utilize the library.

Inside recess due to weather

In the event that we have inside recess, students will be sent to their ‘homeroom’ classrooms. If inclement weather is present as students arrive to school, they will be directed to their homeroom classrooms.


To limit the amount of students in the hallways, Monroe will stagger the release of students. The school intercom will be used to stagger the release of students based on the arrival of busses. Then by grade level.


Transitions will be staggered as much as possible throughout the school day. When any student or staff enters or exits an area, they will be expected to wash hands or sanitize.  During all transitions, all staff and students will be asked to wear face coverings.


 To control the direction of traffic in the hallways, everyone is expected to walk on the right hand side and to wear a face covering. Monroe will have a line separating the flow of traffic and helping students to stay on the right side of the hallway. 


All ‘specials classes’ will be offered to students throughout the course of the school week. Other than for physical education (P.E.) classes, students will be asked to wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible. Students are expected to wash or sanitize their hands before and after attending specials classes. Specials teachers will spray and disinfect classrooms in between classes.


Classrooms will be arranged to maximize space, while trying to maintain social distancing. Unfortunately, there will be times when social distancing is not possible, such as: small group work, working with a partner, reading intervention groups, or even when doing independent work. During these times, face coverings are expected to be worn. Plastic-glass dividers for tables have been ordered and are intended to help with the need for face coverings.

When students leave the classroom, whether for various interventions or to receive messages at the office, they will sanitize prior to leaving the classroom and upon once again upon their return. Students are to be wearing faces coverings during those transitions. 



Students will wash or sanitize hands prior to leaving the classroom for recess. Staggered dismissal will be followed to limit the amount of students in our hallways. Similar procedures will be used when students reenter the building after recess. Handwashing or sanitizing will again be expected as students return to their classroom.

Students are not required to wear a face covering while outside playing at recess.

Lunch time

 Lunch time will be a mix of students eating in the classroom as well as in the cafeteria. A schedule will be developed that is based on a weekly rotation. For example, Kindergarten for the first week would eat in the cafeteria while 2nd grade would eat in the classroom. Recess will still be at the same time. The Students in the same grade level will still be able to go out to recess together during lunch recess time.

We have blocked off a time in between each grade level lunchtime for tables and cafeteria to be sanitized before the next grade level arrives.

We regret to inform you, that at this time, due to precautions with the number of visitors who come to our school building, families will not be able to join their child/children for lunch in our school buildings; however, you may check them out from school to eat lunch with you and return them afterwards for the afternoon instructional session.

Lunch Recess

Common grade level classes will be able to attend recess (outdoor only) at the same time. Our lunch recess will not be any longer than 15 minutes. Similar procedures as listed above for traditional recesses will be applied (i.e. handwashing, lining up, etc).

As previously mentioned, students are not required to wear face coverings while outside playing at recess.


Isolation Room-In the event that the school is notified by the county health department that a child is in need of being isolated or if a student is showing symptoms relative to COVID-19, a separate room (room #119) has been designated to serve as a safe area for the student to quarantine, while parents are contacted and can pick up their child/children. This room is located right next to the nurse’s office, which will allow for supervision. Room #119 Please note, the sooner parents can come to pick up their children upon being contacted, the less risk is imposed on other students and staff. Parent’s cooperation with this request is much appreciated.

Classroom Relocation Room

If the county health department notifies the school of a positive case within a classroom and declares the need to relocate those students, that class and any other class the student had contact with will be properly sanitized and disinfected. In the event that this happens, the classroom, which is in need of being relocated, will continue with instruction in the library. If we have more than one classroom that needs to be disinfected, we may need to utilize another available classroom.

Safety Drills - Fire, lock down, and relocation drills will be conducted as required with the wearing of face coverings and social distancing when possible.

Exposure or Positive COVID-19

Please refer to the Sweetwater County School District #2's Smart Start Plan for detailed procedures and protocols regarding exposure or in the event of a positive COVID-19 case.


*These guidelines are in place in order to provide the maximum amount of protection for every person in the building.  There are, of course, exceptions to be made in the case of medical conditions, disabilities, or inability to communicate effectively.  Please see Sweetwater School District #2’s Smart Start Plan for a comprehensive list of acceptable exceptions.